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About Growth Resources

Growth Resources, Inc. is an Illinois-based corporation that started into service in January 2002. Our mission is to facilitate increased business results and personal development for CEOs, other key executives, and sales groups of small to mid-sized companies and non-profit organizations. We define “small” as business performance results under $10 million annually. “Mid-sized” equates to business performance results from $10 to $250 million annually.

Much of our company’s business results and personal development facilitation evolves around two affiliations. The first one is with Vistage International, the world’s leading CEO membership organization. Vistage has over 14,500 members in 16 countries.

Vistage members look to their Vistage Group and their Group Chair to help them make better decisions, become better leaders, and achieve better business results. Growth Resources facilitates four Vistage Groups in the Chicagoland area involving nearly 60 members from over 50 companies.

The second affiliation for Growth Resources is with The H.R. Chally Group, the global leader in assessment technologies and tools for sales groups and management teams. This relationship aids our ability to help clients increase business results and enhance personal development via highly targeted and accurate staff selection systems plus group and individual coaching for sales reps, sales managers, management teams, and top executive groups.

Chally’s sales and management technology and tools has evolved from intense research beginning in 1976. Our predictive performance results database now includes:

  • Over 300,000 sales rep assessments including over 300 validation studies
  • 100,000 customer interviews on sales approach preferences
  • Over 100,000 assessments of CEOs as well as key executives and middle managers from nearly 2,000 companies

Biography: Clay Garner, President
Clay grew up in an entrepreneurial family in Akron, Ohio where he also received both his Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of Akron. His marketing, sales, management and business ownership career included The E.F. MacDonald Company (now a part of Carlson Industries) and Shopsmith Inc., an INC. Magazine 100 Fastest Growing Public Company in the early 1980s.

In 1983, Clay lead a team of five owners that spun off Shopsmith’s in-house Advertising Department into a separate direct mail and sales promotion agency, Parhelion Direct. He left Parhelion Direct to become an ownership partner in The H.R. Chally Group where he grew the company’s revenues and profits over 300% over seven years.

Having a desire to move his family and his career to the Chicagoland area, he joined Moore Business Forms and Moore Corporation in 1994. At that time Moore was a $2.5 billion Canadian company. While at Moore, he participated in the development of a special new division involving only 35 global clients and $325 million in sales. He became the VP of Marketing & Consulting for Moore Integrated Customer Solutions.

At the end of 1997, Clay had the opportunity to join the Hazelden Foundation as the executive in charge of the organization’s $25 million publishing business. Hazelden is the world’s leader in the prevention and treatment of alcoholism, drug addiction, and other related diseases.

While at Hazelden, Clay became a member of Vistage International with membership in CEO Group 314. He also developed and implemented a successful growth strategy focused on creating “customers for life” via a Hazelden Pathway from Hope to Health to Abundant Living.

In 2001, Clay and his family decided to return to Chicagoland where he started Growth Resources, Inc. at the end of 2001 and incorporation in January 2002.

Today, as a member of the worldwide Vistage community, Clay chairs four Vistage Groups in Chicagoland: CEO Group 363, Small Business CEO Group 827, Key Executive Group 918, and Trusted Advisor Group 1197. Growth Resources also provides sales and management team coaching and Chally assessments for an ever increasing number of clientele in Chicago and elsewhere.

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