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Coaching CEOs and Executive Teams for Business Results
and Personal Development

Growth Coaching for CEOs and executive teams typically involves membership in Vistage International, the world’s leading CEO and key executive membership organization with nearly 14,500 members in 16 countries. In both peer group meetings and private one-to-one sessions, we focus on:

Vision: Many entrepreneurs and executives who run organizations mistake dedication to their business for a vision of the future. As a result, many of our coaching relationships begin with an exercise to define a view of their future in order to crystallize a strategic direction. Together we pick a timeframe, such as five to seven years, and then describe what the organization will be, have and do at that point in time.

Our simple GRI Vision Worksheet (see below) organizes this process. But all business and no play makes people dull and stressed out. To address the personal side of this equation, we also use the worksheet to define what our client “wants to be, to have, and to do” . . . an exercise very few business executives have ever experienced.

Business Planning: With the future vision/goals defined, the CEO or key executive works through a GRI Executive Strategic Plan format (see below) to clarify all business issues, establish yearly goals propelling the plan towards the organization’s vision, identify and plan major overarching strategic initiatives, then clarify the “must do’s” for year one.

Once year one is completed, a simple GRI Annual Strategic Plan (see below) can be employed to review the past year’s performance and create goals and initiatives for the subsequent year.

Personal Development: Charting a path to transform our personal vision into action steps requires focus on the six principle areas of our lives: finance, relationships, emotions, intellect, health & well-being, and spirituality. We help the client define a state of “perfect 10,” identify their current state, and then implement actions to raise their status towards their ideal. Our format is based on the work on Dr. Tom Hill and his Vistage workshop, Designing for the Exceptional Life (see below).

Download Free GRI Vision Worksheet form

Download Free GRI Executive Strategic Plan form

Download Free GRI Annual Strategic Plan form

Download Free Designing for the Exceptional Life form