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How to Identify and Develop Exceptional Growth Managers

Growth Resources helps clients hire and develop management leaders who make the right decisions, to increase productivity, and build profitability. We use proven, measurable, predictable, and actionable assessments.

We begin with Management Leadership Profiles that detail the skills and qualities of high vs. low performers, choosing the profile needed for your business strategies and areas of responsibility. Your line, staff or project manager candidate takes an online assessment. Within 24 hours, we send you a report that summarizes the results.

From this report, you gain an accurate prediction of how your candidate will perform on the job and recommendations to hire . . . or not. Once your candidate is on staff, coaching can strengthen performance and address weaknesses, guiding your line, staff or project management leaders towards business and personal growth goals.

Interview Tools:
We provide a structured candidate Interview Guide customized to your manager profile. Developed from sophisticated database research tracking over 75,000 line, staff or project managers and utilizing actuarial technology, our interviewing guides include specifics on what to look for and the questions to ask, as well as an evaluation form with a scoring approach that allows you to effectively compare job candidates.
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