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Vistage International – For Growth, Accountablility and
Developing Key Executives

The Vistage Key Executive Peer Group offers professional development experiences for senior executives and other direct reports of the CEO or president. Some of the titles you will find in a typical Key Executive group include:

  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • VP of Sales and Marketing
  • Director of IT
  • VP Business Development
  • Chief Investment Officer

This program is designed to help them outperform in their current roles and build their skills for the next level. Meetings are monthly for a full day. Eight of these meetings include an Expert Speaker Executive Workshop.

  • Expanded Skills
  • Enhanced Decision Making
  • Improved Performance

One of the most critical functions of the Key Executive Group is to create the best possible accountability and alignment between the member and his or her CEO or president. The members have access to best practices that specifically tackle this issue with the emphasis on building clarity.

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