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Leadership – An Overview:
Hard-hitting article on leaders versus managers. In today’s fast changing businesses, results come from focus on vision, beliefs, values and inspiring people and breaking roadblocks for people to be able to accomplish more.
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Closing the Gap: Creating Alignment with your CEO:
Expert article on the number one point of contention between CEOs and their direct report key executives – lack of clarity in roles, responsibilities and expectations for results.
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Principles of Sales Compensation:
19-page booklet providing guidance on how to change compensation to match product/service market changes. Includes: Basic Principles; Critical Skills and Behaviors; 16 Characteristics of Sales Rep Plans that Work; Evaluating the Role of Sales Reps’
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How to Select a Sales Force That Sells
28-page booklet with tips for recruiting and interviewing sales reps who match your top performance requirements for sales growth, market share development, customer satisfaction, and prospect conversion. Based on research with over 400,000 sales reps and 100,000 customers. Request Below

ID & Select Exceptional Managers
33-page booklet. Top performing executives are always hard to recruit and retain, regardless of the overall business climate. Before selecting or promoting your future leaders, we recommend you read this critically valuable report that summarizes over 25 years of research projects sponsored by Fortune 500 companies.
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Growth Resources/Chally Group Assessment Information
Complete information on our pre-employment and developmental assessments for sales reps, sales managers, middle managers, and top executives. Valuable tips on setting up approaches that best match your company’s strategic position. Request Below

Vistage International Membership Information
Memberships requirements for CEO, Small Business, Key Executive, and Trusted Advisor programs. Details on Vistage Advantages and membership processes followed by 14,500 members in 16 countries. Request Below

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How To Select A Sales Force That Sells ID & Select Exceptional Managers

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  Growth Resources/Chally Group Assessment Information
Vistage International Membership Information

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