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Coaching Sales Management Executives to
Growth Performance & Personal Development

Like our approach with CEOs, Growth Coaching for Sales Management Executives may involve membership a GRI-Exec SAM Group or in a Vistage International Key Executive Group, particularly if their CEO is a Vistage member. In either type of group, we begin with:

Vision: Our coaching relationship begins with an exercise to define a view of the Sales Manager’s future and the role they want to play in their company. We pick a timeframe, typically three to five years, and then describe where the executive will be and do in the organization at that point in time. With we can crystallize a direction.

Our simple GRI Vision Worksheet (see below) organizes this process. But all business and no play makes people dull and stressed out. To address the personal side of this equation, we also use the worksheet to define what our member “wants to be, to have, and to do” . . . an exercise very few sales executives have ever experienced.

Sales Management Planning: With the future vision/goals defined, the sales management executive works through a GRI Annual Strategic Plan format (see below) to clarify all business issues, assess the past year’s performance, and clarify the “must do’s” for year one.

In some instances, the member will conduct their own Sales Management Audit (see below) to use for planning in one-to-one’s and to share with their group for inputs.

GRI-Exec SAM Groups: Members in this group qualify and are offered membership based on a number of factors, including the extent of their responsibilities, and may involve Sales Managers or Senior Sales Executives, like Strategic Account Managers. No other business functions are in a SAM Group. Group meetings are half day sessions six times a year. During the in between months, members meet privately with their group facilitator for one-to-one coaching and accountability.

Click here to request for information on GRI-SAM Groups.

Vistage Key Executive Groups: This group will contain members from all major organizational functions, including Sales, Marketing, Financial, Technology, Operations or Human Resources. As a result, a Key Group is often the best match for a sales manager whose goal is to graduate up to a company CEO or President. Key Executive Groups meet each month for a full day with Vistage Speakers as well as working critical issues.

Download Free GRI Vision Worksheet form

Download Free GRI Sales Management Planning form

Download Free 6 Page Sales Manager Audit